Striped Venetian Loafer (Navy + White)


$195.00 CAD $165.00 CAD

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New to the SWIMS loafer family, the Striped Venetian Loafer sports an eye-catching (and comfortable) knit upper, the ideal spring slip-on with breathability to spare. The textured rubber outsole adds extra traction and durability to keep your feet as dry as your wit at the weekend resort.

  • SWIMS loafers are made from natural rubber and TPU, requiring the same care as leather. Gently use a sponge and silicone spray to clean, shine and remove scratches. Our loafers are water-friendly, so can be machine washed. To wash, remove the insole and place both in a washing bag. Use normal detergent without fabric softener. Air dry. Do not tumble dry.