Pina Planter (Midnight)


$15.00 CAD

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These decorative pots for indoor plants have a geometric, textured design that we off-set with a warm cement lip around the top. Pina Planters are modern garden pots with a bit of a traditional flair so they will easily fit into any home, from the contemporary to the shabby chic.

While there is no drainage hole, your succulents will stay happy with a small layer of gravel on the bottom. Because they are fully glazed, you could also use Pina for a small cluster of flowers. Or simply plop an air plant inside.

  • Plants We Love in this Pot: Bromeliads, Andromischus, Senecio, Sempervivum, Agave, Gasteria, Baby's Tears


3.5" wide by 3" tall