Lennox Pendant Necklace (Silver+Labradorite)


$145.00 CAD

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Inscribed at its base with nivata nivata nivata in Jenny's handwriting (meaning, a place that is sheltered from the wind; a place that is still and calm in sanskrit).

"I wanted a daily reminder to practice stillness, because of how centring it is for me; how adrift I feel when I don't take the time. So, I wear this piece when I need a reminder to just stop; to sit myself down and just be. To breathe; even if it is just a few minutes a day." -Jenny

  • Sterling silver-dipped brass
  • Finish: high-polish
  • Semi-precious stone: labradorite
  • Lobster closure


17 1/2"(L), 2 1/2" (Outer circle diameter)