Helena Stud Set


$75.00 CAD

# available


Mix and match. Mini, organically shaped heart studs come in a set of both gold and silver. Dipped in both 14k gold and sterling silver, finished in a high polish.

NOTE: Helena of Troy is considered one the most beautiful women in all literature. And a part of history's greatest love stories in Greek mythology.

  • 1st pair: 14K gold-dipped brass
  • 2nd pair: sterling silver dipped brass
  • finish: high polish
  • cylinder backings


  • length: 0.39" / 1cm
  • width: 0.24" / 6mm
  • depth: 0.078" / 2mm*
  • weight: 0.032oz / 0.9g
  • *measurement taken at the thickest part