Aiglentine Rubber Boots with Fur (Black)


$225.00 CAD $155.00 CAD

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Stolen from the men's locker room, the Aiglentine rain boot affirms its character with its cavalier cut and its curved shape. Its faux fur lining keeps you warm in winter.

  • Gomma-plus: Mostly natural rubber, exclusive Aigle blend, waterproof, comfortable, supple ana supportive.
  • Softex grip : Composition for fast drying for optimal comfort.
  • Cold insulation: Insulating lining keeps feet warm.


  • Weight: 1470 g
  • Measured on a size model: 38
  • Height of stem: 37 cm
  • Height of heel: 1,20 cm
  • Calf circumference: 37 cm